Merino wool is one of the best fabrics you can get.

Merino has amazing properties that makes it one of the best performance materials on the market. 

Our products have all the benefits of natural merino wool as well as being New Zealand grown and tested for fibre performance and environmental practices making them among the top in quality in the world. 

What is so good about merino?

Being a premium apparel fibre, merino wool has been a benchmark for the quality of clothing materials for a long time. Worn for a variety of activities it is an extremely versatile fabric with multiple performance benefits including the following:

  • Thermal regulation
  • Breathability
  • Moisture wicking ability
  • Long lasting
  • UV resistant
  • Low odour
  • Soft feel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Flame retardant
  • Biodegradable 

What can merino do for you?

Merino wool has a naturally hydrophobic outer layer that allows it to absorb water without feeling wet. This means that when you wear it, the fabric allows your body to heat up naturally without trapping your heat or sweat, therefore, letting your skin breathe. 

Merino can absorb up to 40% of its weight in moisture in it's center fibers while the surface of the fabric remains dry. This is significantly more than cotton and polyester fabrics meaning your clothing will stay feeling drier and warmer for much longer in wet conditions. 

Merino fabrics also have very low odour retention due to that hydrophobic outer layer stopping large bacteria from entering the fabric and reducing the hot, wet conditions bacteria need to hold onto your clothes and make them smell. 

This fabric has been proven to have therapeutic benefits for skin conditions such as eczema. 

Merino is also naturally flame retardant and biodegradable. 

What's so special about our merino?

Our merino is New Zealand grown and has been MAPP tested and approved to ensure the fibres are performing at the top quality and the process in which the fabric is made follows the highest environmental standards.

Merino wool is an amazing fibre that has multiple properties making it the ultimate performance material. Hydrophobic layers on the surface keep you warm and dry by resisting water, wicking sweat and allowing your body to heat or cool naturally. 

Our merino has been tested for performance and environmental compliance and is among the top quality in the world. 

Check out our product range to see how you can use our merino to better your adventures. 


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