Rowing Pogies, 100% NZ Merino, hand made

Our Buoyline Pogies are a rowing specific glove that is designed to keep your hands warm when out rowing in the cold. Specifically designed to retain heat while allowing your hand to remain in contact with the oar, our pogies are a double layer of merino with an elastic oar grip and a snug wrist cuff. Unlike other rowing pogies our focus in this design is warmth and skin protection. The double layer of merino allows your hand to breathe while still being able to row freely and your skin is then protected from the negative effects of wind and cold temperatures. 

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Top quality New Zealand Merino made by hand in NZ. Made for an athletic fit to allow for max performance and comfort.

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Top quality merino wear for your best performance

At Buoyline we know sport, we know adventure and we know merino. 

We also know that there are communities of athletes and adventurers that are keen to push themselves to the limit, even when the weather doesn’t agree.

At Bouyline, we believe that our sports merino can make the difference between staying on the couch and getting outside to take on the world in any element or season.

With a determination to take on the outdoors, we have created ethically produced, New Zealand sports merino clothing, designed for everyone who enjoys an active lifestyle.


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